Obviously, literature, music, art, and humor make a difference in our individual lives. They give us joy and peace, and just the tiniest bit of escape from the things that affect us deeply, but of which we feel powerless to combat. But we're not powerless, we're not voiceless, and frankly, my friends/fans/loved ones,

complacency is simply no longer an option. Here are a few people/places/things that I'm working with to make the world a better place . . .

I suggest you do the same . . . however . . . wherever . . . and with whomever you choose.

Joshua Macrae is an audio narrator,

novelist, humorist, and occasionally,

a working musician. If you would like to keep up with his comings and goings, please join his Facebook Page

"Narrated by Joshua Macrae"

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All Kitten Aside Audio Book

Joshua Macrae

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